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Monsters roam the halls and floors of the Tower. They are rare in the daytime, but all too common at night. The only places a monster cannot enter, unless otherwise noted for a plot, are the dormitory rooms and bathrooms--though they can wander the dormitory halls, they will not do so during the day. Monsters may be from the Tower's universe or they may be from the characters' universes.

Common Uncommon Rare

The danger scale ranges from zero to ten, with zero being harmless and ten being completely invincible and highly dangerous. Note this only refers to its ability to kill you, and not its ability to cause emotional trauma. A rating of N/A means the monster is not seen during this time of day or night.

Not all monsters appear during the day. All monsters that do have a RARE rarity rating during the day.

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Name: Shadow
World: Neverland
Description: A large human sized shadow with glowing eyes. It looks something like a ghost, though it can interact physically with people, including carrying off children and grown adults. It can command shadows that have been freed from the bodies of a person and if it manages to remove the shadow off of a person forcibly, it kills them. Unless, of course, it manages to be slain.

Edited to add that it can only be slain by being lit on fire.
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Name: "The Mushrooms" - there's really no name for them. Glow Mushrooms, perhaps?
World: El Shaddai/Gideon (Gideon is a novel set in the same universe as El Shaddai and features two characters who play a part in it, but the franchise/verse does not have a proper name. Whether you list it under El Shaddai or Gideon is up to you)
Description: At first, these fungi look like ordinary mushrooms, except they glow, a white glow from within that isn't blinding but makes it impossible to tell what color they actually are. At first they're very small and can't move at all. When they grow to be about the size of a palm, they are able to move around a little but still remain stationary most of the time, enough that they still pass as a regular mushroom if someone picks them. Eventually they get to be the size of a person, and able to move around like one. Several of these will cluster together into one creature as they continue to grow, until their caps merge; at this point they are the size of buildings and are able to float.

Throughout its life, as it grows, the glow it emits intensifies. At its final stage of life, the light is blinding and absolutely impossible to see through without aid (sunglasses will do). If at any point their skin is broken, they will die and shrivel into formless jelly, their glow fading. About once every ten thousand years, one of these mushrooms will manage to wander into or over an inhabited place, blinding its occupants. It doesn't seem malicious or capable of complex thought, however. In fact, the only danger it poses is its bright glow. They are susceptible to fire, and burning them produces no harmful fumes. In addition, being just a fungus, albeit a strange one, one will die on its own after a few days in its mature state.

They are somewhat toxic; a single bite will give the eater a stomachache, with presumably more serious symptoms coming of eating more.

Have a visual.
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