Animus Moderators
06 June 2012 @ 04:30 am
The Tower deals in all kinds of horror. Some of these horrors are not body-friendly. One of the Tower administrators favors experiments, often of a surgical nature. These events are always opt-in, but the full details of the surgeries are not disclosed until they are performed. For this reason, we'd like to be aware ahead of time what to avoid with certain players and characters.

If there is anything that you under no circumstances want to befall your character during these experiments, please fill out the form and comment to this entry!

Player name: Your name.
Characters played: The characters you play; if this changes, just comment to your original thread with an update.
Squicks: These can be general or they can be something in regards to a certain character. Generally, they're something that personally makes you uncomfortable -- this is a courtesy to our players more than it is to the characters.