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NPC Information

Major NPCs

Ruana is in charge of the administrators. She enjoys playing games, and has by far the strongest powers of the administrators. She punishes disobedience severely.

Riki is an administrator in the Tower; he is in charge of Tower construction and network maintenance. He doesn't talk much. When in charge of the Tower, he tends to warp things around in some way.

Zo is a little boy who is capable of bringing people to the Tower. He doesn't quite seem to know the full impact of what happens in the Tower.

R-037, or Aria, is a retrieval unit who has gained a remarkable amount of sentience compared to the majority of retrieval units. She's curious and good-natured outside of her work running a group that resists the administrators. She can be found on the hidden floor accessible via floor 101.

Dax was a bad dog.

Jason was a traitor.

Minor NPCs

Standard: Most NPCs act more like organic robots than anything, going about their tasks without deviating. They work in shifts and travel using an elevator player characters may not access. Characters assigned to work with them may ask them about which tasks must be done, but they will not answer any questions unless directly asked that question: they do not volunteer information Their collars are colorless. The administrators call them worker units.

Chipped: These worker and retrieval units are much like their regular counterparts, but they will aid the residents of the Tower when they can. They can be identified by their collars, which are chipped as if they had been tampered with. They are increasingly common; they follow certain characters around under the guise of monitoring them and also can be found on the hidden floor of the Tower.

Retrieval: These are the NPCs that retrieve dead bodies, both those of other NPCs and those of characters. They take these bodies to the same elevator the standard NPCs use. They can be identified by red collars, and are resistant to injury. The administrators call them retrieval units.