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Your world has been destroyed. I saved you. Let's all be happy here.

This is the letter you receive when you awake in a world not your own. You are provided for, here, but this tower is far from safe: monsters lurk just outside its walls, tasks within are often deadly, and who knows if those who run this tower can really be trusted. Have you really been saved from certain death, or have you been kidnapped from your home?

And who could be happy here?

Waking Up
Characters arrive by waking up in their assigned rooms, on their bed, after thirty seconds of sleep paralysis. They will receive two letters: one explains that their world has been destroyed, and the other explains the basics of the tower, such as where they are expected to sleep, where they can acquire food, and how to access the network. The characters may have a few objects from home, provided it fits into the storage chest at the foot of their bed.

Objects from Home
Characters may only have objects from home which fit in the trunk at the end of their bed. These may be changes of clothes, small weapons, Pokeballs, anything that can fit, with a few exceptions. Computers, cell phones, or any similar sort of communication device may not be brought into the tower. A pet which fits within the trunk may be brought as well. If a character has a companion such as a large dog, there is the possibility of bringing it, provided nothing is in their trunk.

Exception: any character who has a large item they require to live or be reasonably mobile (such as a wheelchair or crutches) may be brought with them with no penalty.

Power Limitations
For the most part, characters will not have their powers limited within the tower. However, no character may destroy the tower, no character may teleport outside of the tower or to unrevealed sections of the tower or into the NPC elevator, and of course multidimensional traveling of any sort is not allowed. Characters may also not use astral projection and some types of possession (contact a moderator for this). Characters who abuse their powers may find themselves being limited further.

Main NPCs
There are some NPCs which are entirely moderator-controlled. These are the ones which run the tower to some degree, and are capable of punishing the characters. They are expanded upon here.

Minor NPCs
Many minor jobs around the tower will be done by NPCs, which may be played by anyone. They appear to be human, but with a mechanical gait and only the most simple of conversational abilities: they will respond to basic instructions and requests, but do not speak otherwise. Their voices are monotone and somewhat robotic, although they are organic in nature.

Characters who can read minds will find very little within them: they simply focus on their assigned task. They are biologically and mentally human aside from this, however, and can be killed as any human might. Other NPCs will not react to this, although going on a rampage will result in punishment.

Tower Life
The top floors of the tower will be used for the dormitories. There are twenty rooms to a floor, and each room houses four beds--four people to a room. The rooms are sparse, but each person receives a twin-sized bed, a small trunk at the foot of it, and a nightstand. Other things may be brought into the rooms.

Characters are expected to sleep within their assigned rooms, and are informed of this in the letter they receive upon arrival. While occasionally sleeping in other rooms is allowed, if a character goes more than five days without sleeping in their assigned room, they will begin to fatigue, growing increasingly exhausted as the days pass, until they sleep in their room again. A particularly stubborn character would find that failure to sleep in their room for fifteen days results in death.

The dormitory level of the tower is organized in a similar manner to a corridor-style college dorm. Each individual room will only have one gender within it (whichever gender you specify on the application), but there is no other gender sorting. Characters' names will be listed on a screen outside of their assigned rooms.

The dormitory levels have public bathrooms, two for men and two for women. These also contain three shower stalls per bathroom.

The first floor of the tower contains a large kitchen and cafeteria-style dining hall. The kitchen is staffed with NPCs (although characters may be assigned to work there--more on that later) who will provide meals, although only at assigned times. Characters may make their own meals if they wish to have food at other times. NPC-made food is average in quality, neither particularly good nor particularly bad. The menu will be visible outside of the dining hall. Characters are free to remove food if they wish.

The cafeteria will only stock ingredients that match the month's menu. All new characters will be provided with and must eat plain oatmeal as their first meal, regardless of time of day or cafeteria menu. Failure to do so will result in vomiting up any food until oatmeal is consumed.

Breakfast: 7-9am
Lunch: 11am-1pm
Dinner: 4-6pm

If your character wishes, they may eat in the restaurant on the twenty-first floor if they are not available for a cafeteria mealtime or wish to eat something else. However, the restaurant charges a price elaborated on in the settings page.

Characters wake up in and are provided with a set of white, skintight outfits to wear if they have no other clothes. Characters will have to make other kinds of outfits themselves, if they did not receive any in their trunk.

Characters are all outfitted with a collar that cannot be removed or broken in any way. It fits snugly, but does not restrict the airway. Liquid of some sort flows through the tubing, and they are different colors for different characters, but will never be red. Characters will be subject to biweekly collar checkups in the infirmary. If they do not go willingly they will pass out the day after their collar checkup and be dragged down by retrieval units.

Checkup days are as follows:
Monday: Orange
Tuesday: Yellow
Wednesday: Green
Thursday: Blue
Friday: Indigo
Saturday: Violet

Characters may be assigned jobs in the tower. If a character is assigned a job, they will receive a letter on their nightstand explaining where they must report, and the basic idea of the job they must complete. Failure to attend their job more than twice a week without an excuse will result in punishment.

Jobs in the tower are often extremely dangerous, and no player will be forced to have their character take a job. Players may sign their character up for a specific job or ask for their characters to be randomly assigned here.

Characters who fail to do certain things the NPCs ask of them or injure the NPCs will receive punishment. This will usually involve the temporary removal of a power, skill, memory/ies, or sense related to their misbehavior. Repeated offenses, or particularly grievous offenses, will result in longer and/or stronger punishments. You may assign your character a punishment on your own or contact a moderator to have one assign one for you.

Monsters lurk within the walls of the Tower. Rare during the day but common at night, they will often pursue and attempt to injure or kill characters. Specifics about the kinds of monsters in the Tower can be found on the Bestiary page. They will not enter the dorm rooms or dorm bathrooms, but may enter any other area.

Injury and Death
Life in the tower is dangerous, and becoming injured or even dying are definite possibilities (eventualities, if the character remains in the tower long enough). There is an infirmary where injuries will be treated, with NPC doctors providing treatment, although they will not do anything more intensive than putting a cast on a broken limb. Characters will still be expected to attend their jobs while injured unless they inform an NPC at their place of work.

If a character dies, their corpse will be removed by NPCs and taken into a locked elevator at the base of the tower. No living player characters may enter this elevator. After one day, the character will wake up in their beds, although with punishment: for each death, a character will experience an increasingly long period of sleep paralysis. The first death leads to ten minutes of sleep paralysis, and increases by ten minutes each time.

If your character dies a seventh time, please inform a moderator, as there will be an added effect.

Characters may access a computer-based network in the tower via communication rooms. These are rare and cannot be taken from the room they are in. The network is capable of text, voice, and video communications, but is notoriously unreliable: the messages may scramble, filters may not work or filter to the wrong people, and the network may shut off entirely at times. Characters with exceptional computer skills may have increased reliability with the filters, but cannot restart the network if it is off.

Filters are available, and can be made to filter people in or out. The reliability of these filters is not particularly good, however. Characters with exceptional computer skills may improve the reliability of these filters, but there is no foolproof filter.

Network Terminals
Terminals are currently located on both library floors and the dormitory hallways. They are scattered about in small alcoves, and consist of a screen embedded in the wall, a keyboard embedded in a small desk, and a stool or chair to sit on (chairs in the libraries, stools in the dorms). The keyboard and screen appear to be the first language of any character who looks at it; two characters looking at the same terminal would see two different languages.

Hiatuses and Drops
During hiatuses players may either have their character be on autopilot or disappear from the tower entirely, to reappear when they return. While no one in the tower knows where the character goes during this time, the character who has disappeared will experience returning to their own world, only as a ruined, desolate wasteland. All plant life is dead, and the very land seems to be crumbling.

Because of this, canon updates are not allowed.

Dropped characters disappear from the tower. If someone chooses to apply for this character, they may either pick them up as they were, having spent some period of time in their ruined world in between, or start them entirely fresh.

Moderator Events
There will be one moderator-run event per month (with possible occasional exceptions). Some may be more low-key events, some may be plot-heavy events. These events will be announced on the OOC community, often with associated links to more information. Minor events may be opt-in, but there will be plot-important events that will be more difficult to ignore entirely.

Player Events
Players may run their own events, provided they are run by the moderators first. Please post event ideas in the event request post. Usually we'll say yes, this is mostly just to prevent schedule conflicts with other player plots or moderator plots. Regarding the schedule, it's first come, first serve for time.

[community profile] towerofanimus - This is the main community, where logs will take place. Logs are the primary format of this RP, although they may be third person prose or bracket action style. Please use this format when making a thread:

[community profile] animus_network - The network community. Please specify if your post is text, voice, or video in the title. Posts in this community should be written first-person, as if your character was typing/speaking.

[community profile] animus_ooc - This is the out of character community, for introductions, hiatuses, drop posts, player plots, and moderator announcements. Activity checks will also be posted here. Please do not post memes here.

[community profile] towerofjamjars - This community is for all your meme needs. Nothing here counts as RP canon, so have all the truth memes, IC anon memes, and stuck in an elevator memes you wish here. Currently there are no limits on memes, but please try not to post too often; if the community gets out of hand, a limit will be placed.

Tower of Jamjars will also host two moderator memes, the How's My Driving Meme and Snaps Cup Meme, both of which will be held monthly.

[personal profile] animusmods - You're looking at it. This is the journal the moderators use. It houses both general game information and weekly updates on the tower.

[personal profile] animusnpcs - The moderator NPC journal. This will be used whenever an important NPC interacts with characters.

Upon apping your character, there will be a tag provided for your character in the main and network community that will include their OU or AU status, as well as their name in Western name order ([ou] kanji tatsumi; [au3] aradia megido). Canons may be included in the case of multiple available versions ([ou] cloud strife (ffvii); [ou] cloud strife (kingdom hearts)) Please tag posts your character participates in with your tag. If you don't have a tag, contact a moderator.

Feel free to join the aim chat behappyhere if you are in the game or are considering it. Another good way to keep in contact with your fellow players is Plurk, but this is not mandatory, and moderators will never exclusively use Plurk for moderator plot information or important community information.