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Player Plots

Player plots are now closed.

If there are complaints/comments about a player-run event, please first talk to the player(s) running the event. We as mods can only do so much and you will get more immediate results and answers to your questions if you ask the player. That being said, if you feel uncomfortable addressing your concerns to the player, then we can relay them. If speaking to the players doesn't solve your problem, then you're free to bring it to the moderators directly.
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[personal profile] fabricates 2012-05-11 05:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Summary: So Vriska has been feeding AU Karkat's spider lusus for a while. Gamewide plots happened and the feeding plot kind of got backburned unintentionally so Erin and I came to a conclusion that Vriska and Karkat started feeding monsters to Spidermom instead of people to keep off the radar. Well! Vriska is coming out of the labryinth plot really pissed off between both her punishment and Gamzee killing her. So she's going to feed Gamzee to Spidermom. I'd like this to upset the balance with Spidermom, with her wanting to eat people again. And that is where this post would come in! I want her to get loose from the forest and start attacking/eating tower inhabitants which would be volunteers from the playerbase. I'd really like to bring attention to it so Vriska can get punished and also to give a sense of urgency so that Spidermom can be dealt with in some way. I don't really have a conclusion, but it will either have to end with people taking turns in the tower to kill Spidermom on a daily basis or Spidermom somehow needs to be removed from the tower. I'd honestly prefer to have her removed from the tower and Erin is okay with that as well. Because it would be a constant cycle of angry spidermom getting killed or possibly getting loose sort of thing. So if you have any ideas on how to do that, I'd love them! :)
Characters: Vriska, AU Karkat, Spidermom, anyone else who wants to be involved
Length: I don't expect it would be too long! Maybe a week. I think characters would act quick to get this thing dealt with.
Date: Some time in the month of May definitely. I'm not sure what all is planned for mod events this month, so I'm flexible to pick a time it won't conflict. :3
Screened? Nah.
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[personal profile] fifth_kazekage 2012-07-24 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Summary: Villains/monsters/bad NPCs invade the dorms in the middle of the night and start attacking people at random. Expect blood and gore and terrible things in general. If we’d like to make it more plot-related, they could be out to get a specific item or person.
Characters: Anyone that wants to be involved.
Length: I was thinking just a day, but it can be longer, if people want. If it’s a multi-day event, might I suggest the attacks get progressively worse?
Date: Late July/Early August
Screened? Nope, no need.
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[personal profile] fifth_kazekage 2012-07-25 06:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you! I was thinking August 8th, to give people a little breather from the other plot. An NPC reason would be just fine! Make it very evil, please? :)
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[personal profile] thousandcurses 2012-08-29 11:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Summary: Izanami is fed up with people wallowing in despair and not grasping their full potential. As such, she is doing exactly what she did in Inaba with a new purpose--she is sending out the fog that manifests Shadows. These Shadows would be manifestations of the things people deny about themselves--taken to extremes, of course. When denied, they go berserk and attempt to kill their originator--unless helped to overcome this aspect of yourself. As discussed, no Personas would come of this event. Shadows would manifest a few at a time from people, growing in number as the week progresses until the fog vanishes. (If you need examples of Shadows in P4, I can give them.)
Characters: Izanami would kick things off, but it would be whoever signs up.
Length: Possibly a week, depending on the number of sign ups. Either way, between three to seven days.
Date: Sept 6-13. Sign ups would begin after approval, end on the 4th, final schedule for when Shadows manifest would be put up on the fifth, and the event would start the sixth. Ends on the thirteenth at the latest, with just enough time to settle before mod plot!
Screened? Nah, this is fine visible. :V
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[personal profile] doc_brown 2012-11-06 06:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Summary: Doctor Emmett L. Brown is gonna try installing a nuclear reactor in Sertoria, so as to give her a top notch energy source. Of course, all's gonna go fine until the moment they'll try to connect the reactor to her or activate it. Nuclear explosion ensue, and the floor on which the explosion happens is going to be flooded with radioactivity. People staying too long on these floors may end up contaminated, death ensuing (generally slow and painful since, radioactivity). Or they may not die and just suffer (unless they're immune to radioactivity). In short, lots of drama.

Well, horror.

Characters: Doc, Marty and Sertoria. And anyone who decides to be involved or to have their characters step on a radioactive floor for the duration of the plot.

Length: Well, that all depends on long it'll take the tower to clean up the radioactivity? I would say 4-5 days, but if it has to be less, or more that's fine.
Date: From the 14th to the 18th, ideally. Otherwise, from the 26th to the 30th if it's easier.
Screened? Nah, no need

One question related to the event though, is how many floors would be affected? The explosion is meant to happen on the 15th Floor, so I assume this dooms the 14th and 16th floors as well? But I'm not sure much further.
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[personal profile] great_king_of_evil 2012-11-28 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Summary: Ganondorf is finally going to go after the Triforce! The big problem with that is that the two other holders of the Triforce Pieces in this tower sort of have a full army at their service. Add to that, he is seriously thinking the administrators may not like his attempt to go after the Triforce (since what he's going to wish for is kind of obvious). So this plot is in fact a big diversion so he can quietly steal the Triforce while everyone else is busy elsewhere. But that remains a big plot on his part, so if anything needs to be modified because the plot's no good as it is, it's no problem.

Basically, Ganondorf is going to try and turn the Tower into the Dark World / Evil Realm / World of Darkness. Well not really. That would be too much work and he probably could not keep the floors cursed forever, so he'll limit himself to seven floors for five days. The idea is to lead everyone to think he is trying to turn the tower into the dark world, when he is simply in fact after the Triforce.

To accomplish the transformation, Ganondorf will "curse" the floors (like he did to the Great Sea in TWW) except here his full powers will be unlocked so the curse will be far more radical. The floors would thus keep the same layout overall, but the "atmosphere" would change; the decoration and many elements would change as well, making them alike to the Dark World. If possible they could look bigger so as to have better mazes and the like. The Dark World floors together will be organized as a typical Legend of Zelda dungeon- Complete with Small Keys, Compass, Treasure Chests, Boss Key, Map, etc etc. There would be quite a few boss battles and mini-boss battles as well.

If accepted, the event will be opt-in so anyone wanting to be trapped in these floors and participate in solving the puzzles can do so. It's impossible to exit the Dark World floors unless the character who has been trapped in it finds the exit door on the final floor. In this plot, there are three ways for a character to be trapped in the Dark World floors:

- They simply are present on the floors when Ganon curses them. That's being out of luck.
- They accidentally or purposefully walk into the cursed floors. Exiting is impossible but walking in is, conveniently, very easy.
- Floor/Wallmasters throughout the tower grab them and throw them into a Dark World floor.

To find the exit door on the seventh floor, all boss battle and all puzzles on the six other floors must be solved, of course. Meanwhile, Ganondorf can steal the Triforce without any trouble. Below is just an idea of how the floors could be (nothing definitive, but a rough draft):

Floor Six
The Forest would become similar to the Dark World from A Link to the Past. The trees with faces, what little animals there may be turned into dangerous monsters, the monsters even worse than usual, they very air poisonous, eternal dusk, all those nice things that make the Dark World so awesome. Of course, the forest itself would be a maze with many traps. Characters falling in a trap would find themselves in the maze on the 8th floor and would have to find their way to a transporter dale taking them back to the Forest Floor in order to continue.

Boss Battle: Mothula
Information here. This Boss battle would guard the door to the 7th Floor. Since Ganondorf would have created this version of Mothula within the tower, it would be a lot more powerful and twisted than the regular version.

Floor Seven
Your Water Temple floor. The Puzzles in this floor would be connected to that of the Tenth Floor. It's in this room that can be found the Key that opens the path to the 11th Floor. To find the Key, the characters would have to solve many puzzles between this and the 10th Floor. Once all the puzzles are solved, Boss Battle. As with traditional water temple, lots of maze, water level changing, etc etc. Basically, this would be the single worse floor of this whole mess and the one the captive would have to pass by the most often.

Boss Battle: Morpha
Information here. The Boss would appear only once all the puzzles are solved and defeating it would provide the key to the 11th Floor. Much like the Previous Boss Battle, this one would be a twisted and awful version, more powerful and dangerous than the original one.

Floor Eight
A labyrinth and the most dungeon-esque floor of them all. This would be the floor with the most puzzles and riddles to solve. A special section of this floor would be reserved to those who fell from a Forest Floor traps. No Boss Battles for this Floor, but most likely Phantom Ganon lurking in the maze (the one on a horse version).

Floor Nine
Nothing special here, this floor is twisted enough as it is. Maybe it could have the Dark World effect of making people change into the animal form that reflects their heart—That would make it more difficult for the characters to go through it. And there would probably be a key element to find in the room.

Floor Ten
Everything in this floor is connected to the 7th Floor, so that this version of the Water Temple be as annoying and hateful than the in-game version. This floor would have to be flooded so as to empty the 7th Floor from its water, allowing the boss battle to happen. Once the boss battle on the 7th floor completed, many aquatic monsters would flood this room.

Floor Eleven
This floor would look cursed like the other floors, but nothing special here aside from some illusion and the lovely phantoms trying to eat people like usual. That's where those having solved the puzzles before would finally find Ganondorf (or at least his image) and fight Puppet Ganon.

Boss Battle: Puppet Ganon
Information here. Nothing special here, more or less the same boss battle than in-game.

Floor Twelve
The last floor. Much like the Eleven Floor there would be nothing special here, aside from being the exit and a boss floor.

Boss Battle: Reno
This one will most likely be Reno. In some form of another. And defeating him is mandatory to get out since through his death the curse would end.

Richtofen is likely also to appear as a recurring boss battle as well. And more, but this is only a rough draft, I'll go more into details if the plot is approved. If the characters get out in time, the Helmaroc King would chase them so as they cannot reach Ganondorf. 'Cept that Zelda is going to manage to be the one wishing on the Triforce anyway (kind of like the King of Hyrule did in TWW). Then there may be a last battle against Ganondorf if they reach this floor just at the wrong time when he's kind of losing it thanks to Zelda's trolling.

Characters: Ganondorf, Zelda, Link, Tetra, Reno, Richtofen, Riku, Xion, etc etc. Many more but this will be discussed more once the plot is approved (or not). Also the plot will be open for any character who wishes it to be trapped in the Dark World.

Length: Five days. If possible, I'd like on the first days to have One Floor infected, on the second day Three Floors, on the third day Five Floors and on the fourth day finally the Seven Floors. The "Quest" could then begin fully on the 4th day with the final on the 5th day.

Date: 1st March to 5th march ideally. Since March 5th will be his One Year Anniversary in Animus and Ganondorf has a very developed sense of tragedy.

Screened? Nope, no need.
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[personal profile] puppy_lancer 2012-12-01 03:00 am (UTC)(link)
Summary: Rei hasn't been feeling up to shape since being caught in Doc Brown's little nuclear explosion. In fact, she's having a hard time keeping her human form since that explosion. Her core is slowly, but surely, overloading from the energy, and she can no longer control her powers. The weekend of the 7th is when she finally loses all control of her physical and mental facilities and just becomes an Eldritch horror intent on "assimilating" humans by devouring them. Someone will need to kill her by destroying her core. If not, then she will explode in another miniature nuclear explosion by the end of the day.

Characters: Rei and anyone else who wants in

Length: Just one day!

Date:Weekend of December 7th

Screened? Nah
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[personal profile] midgarhorizon 2012-12-27 11:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Summary: The wedding which will probably most likely be turned into a big affair and have lots of things or something and Reno might hide and Axel might do a masquerade and there will be ELVES and bitties and ex-SOLDIERS dressed up as flowergirls.
Characters: Reno, Elena, anyone else that wants to join
Length: A day
Date: January 30th
Screened? no
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[personal profile] hemoeroticism 2013-02-04 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
Summary: The Wretched Egg and Hagire have one of their 'fights' that she enjoys so much. Without the Mother Goose System to restrain her power, it's rather explosive; no (severe) damage will be done to the Tower, but Hagire will get injured pretty badly. However the REAL aftermath comes in the form of the Nameless Worm: i.e. red crystals born from Wretched Egg's blood cells and the source of a Deadman's power.

It is indeed canon that during the Great Tokyo Earthquake (caused by the Wretched Egg), red crystals were spread ALL over the place, infecting people and turning them into Deadmen. That is what will happen as a result of this explosion of Wretched Egg's powers.

New Branches of Sin will start cropping up among people who sign up for the event. Wretched Egg will then decide to start testing their abilities for her own amusement (via fights), and possibly killing them (if players decide so), while Hagire decides to start copying their abilities, death optional. Eventually, either the characters involved will die (their Deadman powers will not be returning when they're revived), or the Administrators can just snap their fingers and erase the new Branches of Sin altogether and decontaminate the areas, getting rid of the crystals. Whichever comes first.

Additionally, a Branch of Sin will effectively weaken any other natural powers a character has for the sake of balance, so this would be more beneficial to characters who don't have any powers of their own. But if a character is mostly human, they could still be infected as long as they lose the powers they previously had while infected. While Branches of Sin are more science-fiction in nature rather than supernatural (the manga says they're a combination of nanomachines and chemicals), they still will not work on any floor where supernatural powers don't work.

Characters: The Wretched Egg (Shiro won't appear unless the affected character is someone she's already had positive CR with), Hagire Rinichiro, sign-up list. The sign-up list might have a limit and a first-come, first-served basis.
Length: Two weeks at most. Might be a bit longer; depends on how many sign-ups we get, but I can't see it lasting longer than that.
Date: I'd say February 25th, unless something interferes with that. In which case, we can do it a week before or after, but a Monday works out best for both Lenneth and I to kick it off.
Screened? Nah.
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[personal profile] hemoeroticism 2013-02-04 06:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh. Yeah, I probably should have looked at the calendar. But now that I do... What about March 11th? Would that work?
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[personal profile] idkworldruler 2013-02-05 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
Summary: An attempt to hack into the Tower's data files, via a horde of viruses. However the viruses only manage to corrupt the terminals, leaving cryptic symbols, messages and internet memes on them. Making for a rather creepy situation, until the system is able to purge the viruses, that is. As well as allow everyone access to the cameras on the terminals. Thus allowing for some interesting spying moments.
Characters: Anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of it.
Length: At least two days.
Date: March 7th
Screened? No it's fine.
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[personal profile] oathshackledbird 2013-02-13 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
Summary: In the tower Diarmuid's curse has been changed so that it activates randomly and less severely than it did during his life. So far, it has only activated long enough to affect one person at a time and both times the effects haven't been too troublesome. This time is a little different. During the week, it will still only activate for a short periods of time, but it will happen repeatedly during the day/night instead of just happening once and being done for a while.

How long a character remains affected for and how severely will be left to the mun to decide but usually the effects don't last longer than a week or two and can be controlled/overcome if the person really wants to. Also, Diarmuid is an honorable man and will do everything in his power to make sure no character does something they will regret once the curse passes.

The plan is to have him out and around the tower doing his normal daily routines affecting people for the first few days without realizing what is going on. Once he does start figuring things out, he will start staying in his room to avoid affecting more people. The problem with that will be that lets everyone who is affected find him more easily. Depending on what people want to do, there may be resulting fights etc in the room and surrounding areas.

Also, if it is okay with the mods, because of the holiday (April Fools) I would like the curse to temporarily change so that it affects both females and males. Since being affected by the curse requires a permissions post, I'll throw up links in both the sign up and the post itself.

Characters: Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne) and whoever else signs up.

Length: ~5 to 7 days.

Date: March 29 to around April 4th or so. (Really looking for the 1st to be in there if possible.)

Screened? Nah.
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[personal profile] eternallily 2013-04-21 06:24 am (UTC)(link)
Summary: As we all know, Puella Magi eventually turn into witches if they lose hope and give into despair. Well, Saki has been fighting her own despair urges for the past couple of months, but the events of Rebellion - particularly seeing the other Puella Magi in Animus mind-controlled and lashing out, killing others - have ratcheted things up spectacularly. In this plot, Saki's Grief Seed will hatch. She'll put up a barrier and labyrinth, and the witch herself will be waiting at the center.

I'd like to use Floor 61 as the space for Saki's barrier, since going by the pictures here (scroll to 'Chapter 18 Witch'), the witch herself is quite large. Her barrier involves several floating platforms, and with the pits and such on that floor, it would make the fight a bit of an extra challenge, plus that floor has enough room for the barrier.

She would have the ability to draw others in and cause them to want to hurt themselves (via a Witch's Kiss), or kill them in the barrier, but I would ask permission.

Anyone would be open to interact with the witch or be involved in the fight, which would take place in an open log.

Characters: Saki Asami and anyone who wishes to be involved
Length: 1-2 days at most
Date: April 26th/27th, ideally
Screened? Nah!
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[personal profile] eternallily 2013-04-27 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Since there are a couple of castmates from Kazumi Magica apping in this cycle, I'd like to move it to the 11th-12th of May, if that's all right?
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[personal profile] idkworldruler 2013-05-28 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
Summary: One of the many ways that The Illuminati recruit others through means of sending out cryptic messages and looking for those who can decipher those messages. And Mitchell's current and future plans for the Tower rely on recruiting agents towards the Illuminated path. So in order to carry out this recruitment and begin to officially set up his own base of power I would like for him to start broadcasting number stations over the network. These broadcasts would feature coded streams of data that contain riddles for those who are able to unravel the code to solve.

And in solving them find an area of the Tower that will be the Illuminati's (Mitchell's) unofficial headquarters. As well as be indoctrinated into the corporate pyramid as "junior agents".
Characters: Mitchell and anyone who wants to participate.
Length: Not very long
Date: June 13th to the Eighteenth if that's alright.
Screened? Nope
Edited 2013-05-28 03:04 (UTC)
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[personal profile] idkworldruler 2013-05-28 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, that's right, derp. August alright?
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[personal profile] idkworldruler 2013-06-27 03:43 am (UTC)(link)
Would August eleventh through the 27th work? Would it also be okay to make an OOC post for possible plotting reasons once the current, tower event and activity check ends?
idkworldruler: (Default)

[personal profile] idkworldruler 2013-07-01 09:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I actually didn't know about that. But thank you for telling me.
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[personal profile] swordedpast 2013-06-25 01:42 am (UTC)(link)
Summary: Archer has finally decided to start taking his vow to fight Ruana seriously, and so he's going to try to get some dirt on the administrators. He plans on enlisting the cooperation of hackers and other computer-savvy types to break into the tower's systems.
Characters: Archer and any hacker-types who cooperate with him.
Length: Depends on moderator input--the actual player-controlled portion of the plot will take place in a single evening, but consequences could last for a while.
Date: In early July, Archer will be making a generic anonymous "meet me in this men's bathroom if you know your way around computers" post to the network, at which point he will explain his plan to whoever shows up (unless a worker unit/whatever shows up to eavesdrop, in which case he'll...wait and do nothing suspicious until they leave, I guess?). His plan is this: the administrators have revealed pertinent files over the network before, so maybe there's more they aren't revealing. As a distraction, he wants one hacker to make a big show of trying to reprogram the elevator so it can go to the lower levels, while the others work from various terminals to try to hack deeper into the systems and pull out files with more information on the administrators. Meanwhile, Archer himself will be hanging out in the elevator acting suspicious and also trying to draw attention to the "elevator to the lower levels" distraction part of the plan.
Screened? No.
swordedpast: ♦ sprite: fate/extra (will perish by the sword.)

[personal profile] swordedpast 2013-06-27 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
I'll make an OOC post about it towards the end of the app cycle, and make the IC network post and ensuing planning log on July 10th, if that works; the log to actually put the plan into action can be a couple of days later.
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[personal profile] neverbeamemory 2013-07-05 10:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Summary: There weren't any collar checks in June. Sephiroth will bring this to others' attention on 7th July, after his own failed attempt at boycotting violet check on 6th, anonymously on the network and actively encourage the next collar-checks to be mass-boycotted.
Characters: Sephiroth will initiate but then depends on ooc sign-up
Length: 1 week
Date: w/c 15th-21st Jul (considering 21st would be the 'retrieval' for violets boycotted?)
Screened? N
great_king_of_evil: screenshot @ocarina of time 3d ([054] (OoT) Playing Organ)

[personal profile] great_king_of_evil 2014-01-06 08:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Revenge Plot
Summary: Remember how Sephiroth got taken down by a bunch of heroes? Such behavior cannot be tolerated and the Evil Alliance has decided to take measures against the culprits. As a good godfather, Ganondorf is going to make sure the heroes don't attack anyone from his alliance again, ever. But since killing them would be a) boring and b) counter-productive, he's got better in mind. Much, much better.

Essentially, he is going to force Ryoji into his "Nyx Avatar" mode. To do so, he is going to collect the "negative emotions" of tower people into crystals (the concept is that of the gratitude crystals in Skyward Sword, but here applied to sorrow, misery and hatred. Given that this is the Tower of Animus, I assume for Ganondorf to make such crystals will be too easy).

Each of the crystals will then be infused within three characters, and through some sort of magic (Ganondorf will be running on real powers by then, so it should be somewhat more effective) the negative emotions contained into each people, the will to die, etc; will "artificially" simulate The Fall and trick Ryoji into turning into Nyx Avatar.

Then, the heroes are going to have and kill Ryoji, and possibly the three vessels of the crystals, since they'll act as a shield for Nyx Avatar. If they don't kill him quick enough, he'll be free to go rampant throughout the tower, and that's a bad idea. Ganondorf's reasoning here is that to have the heroes killing each others should be much, much more dissuading than to have them fight the villains.

Characters: Ganondorf and Ryoji at first-- Then it involve many others such as Diarmuid, Sephiroth, Nesir, Lancer, etc, and anyone willing to jump in. There'll be an OOC post for that.
Length: One day.

Date: 15th January if possible, can delay if necessary!

Screened? Nah
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[personal profile] warriorscribe 2014-01-25 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
Summary: With the information from Aria, Enoch attempts to recruit hackers to try to find Dax's research on world restoration. He will attempt to speak to Riki about it too during this upcoming event if given the chance.
Characters: Whichever computer specialists sign up! Enoch himself can't get directly involved because ancient.
Length: I don't know! However long it takes/they can get away with it.
Date: Um. Some time in March. Maybe the 10th? Anywhere that doesn't conflict and is convenient for you since it will obviously require mod involvement.
Screened? No need!