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Animus Moderators ([personal profile] animusmods) wrote 2014-03-01 11:21 pm (UTC)

1. Aria will explain that as far as she can figure (and she will emphasize that she doesn't know for sure but is extrapolating based on what she's observed) Ruana can consume the other administrators to absorb their abilities and powers. This could happen to Zo, but right now Ruana still dotes on Zo. Aria knows that Ruana now has Jason's abilities and is handling putting people in new bodies, but she doesn't know beyond that what it might mean.

2. Aria isn't sure, and is troubled by this. She will say that she's not sure going along with Riki was a good idea, but also admits it might just be paranoia.

3. Aria will say that in the case of characters who lack abilities as such, using the new fluid will still mean the Tower will have less control over them.

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