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Requesting Aria

Currently, R-037, or Aria, as she is colloquially known, is always available on the hidden floor, accessible through Floor 101. This floor is common knowledge to anyone who was in the Tower at the dawn of the new year; its existence is not broadcasted publicly, but the transporter on Floor 101 is accessible to everyone and characters are free to spread the information of the hidden floor amongst themselves.

Aria is very helpful towards the characters, and, as a retrieval unit, she has access to parts of the Tower that the player characters do not. For this reason, she may be consulted about information or tasks that might require this knowledge.

Due to the size of the game, the moderation team cannot thread out every IC interaction between Aria and the player characters. Because of this, we ask that players who wish to have their characters interact with Aria report to us here! This is where you can find out what kind of help Aria would be able to give your character when they meet with her, if any.

If your character is going to speak to Aria on the hidden floor, please fill out the form below and post it in a comment! The mods will respond to your comment with the information that the request yields.

Player name: What you're listed as on the player contact page.
Character name: Your character's name; please specify either [OU] or [AU#]!
Date visiting: The date that your character plans to visit. We ask that if you are looking for plot-relevant information that you do not backdate any further than one week. You are free to forward-date as far as you like, but please be aware that any request forward-dated further than two weeks might not be answered right away due to potential future in-game events changing the situation!
Request: What your character wants from Aria. Please be specific, and if your character has multiple questions, include all of them!

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[personal profile] megazero_to_superhero 2014-03-01 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Player name: Trev-MUN
Character name: [OU] David Puskás
Date visiting: February 26th
Request: David's got several reasons for meeting Aria—

1. In the wake of Ruana eating another admin, he's concerned about what that will mean for everyone else. He'll ask Aria if Ruana is getting stronger somehow by eating the others, and if Zo (the only other "good guy" he's heard of among the admins) is in danger of having it happen to him.

2. David's also curious about what exactly it was he donated to keep the Tower running at the end of January, and why it affected his powers and kept dropping him back in that void.

3. Seguing from #2, David will ask about the new collar fluid that Sam and Zelda mentioned to him. He's already got suspicions on this, but he wants to be sure—he wants to know whether or not that fluid will be of any benefit in his case, given that it's his powered armor suit, rifle, and gadgets that are the source of his superhuman powers.