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Glamour FAQ

What is glamour in the Tower?

Glamour is the illusions cloaking everything in the Tower, from the walls to your characters' bodies. It's responsible for your characters seeing things the way they see them instead of how things actually are. The Glamour System is the system in control of these illusions.

Is glamour magic or technology?

It's primarily technology, though there are elements of psychic abilities native to this world involved as well.

How does glamour work?

The Glamour System reacts to nanofilm that coats nearly everything in the Tower. It projects illusions and also tells the characters' minds to believe in these illusions. How this system is connected to the characters' minds is currently unknown.

What do the characters' bodies really look like?

Characters' bodies look like wireframe constructs shaped vaguely to match the character's approximate shape and outline. Film covers the wireframe completely, making them airtight and watertight. Collar fluid fills the wireframe completely, meaning each body will be the color of its collar. A bright orb of light, matching the color of the collar fluid, floats in the torso of each character--this is their soul. The retrieval units and worker units look similar.

My character isn't human/has extra body parts. Are they there?

Wireframes can be shaped as inhuman creatures. If the nonhuman body parts are physical body parts, they will be part of the wireframe. If they are magically created and appear and disappear at will, they are illusions and not part of the wireframe.

My character doesn't have a soul/has half a soul/has a soul that looks different.

The soul as defined in the Tower is the personality each character has--every character has a soul here. Additionally, all souls look the same, unless vision is augmented with certain administrator-controlled objects.

What about the objects my character has from home?

These objects are made entirely from film.

What about pets/Pokemon/animals my character brought with them?

These creatures are made entirely of film.

What about my characters' superhuman powers?

All superhuman powers are an illusion maintained by the Tower. The nanofilm twists and reacts to create something similar to the result of the powers being used and the Glamour System fills in the appropriate visuals.

What is my character sleeping in?

The beds in each room are really pods filled with collar fluid that matches the character's collar color. They close and open around characters as necessary.

What about all the floors of the Tower?

While all the floors are there, most things on them are film and metal constructs overlayed with glamour. The film holds up floors that seem impossible and creates complex illusions of distance that isn't there as well, with the film acting as a bizarre sort of treadmill. Floating floors are held to the Tower with nanofilm in reality. The only real things are a sapling on floor 101, the viewfinders on floor 5, the fog outside, the oatmeal, and the monsters.

So what's floor twenty-three?

Floor twenty-three is a completely empty floor. It can be accessed while the glamour is down, but when it comes back up the character will suddenly appear on the floor above or below.

What about the food?

Except for the oatmeal, which is real, all food consists of nutrition bars, oatmeal, and water under various illusions to make them look, smell, and taste like other things.

My character is sick/my character's soul is in a gem not attached to their body/my character has parasites in them. What's going on there?

None of these things are really true in the Tower--the Glamour System simply simulates illness, soul gems, parasites, and the like.

My character has prosthetic limbs!

They will have normal wireframe limbs that simply are under the illusion of being prosthetic. If they can be removed and reattached, the wireframe limb can be removed and reattached as well. If they require magic of some sort to function, they will only function as normal limbs while the Glamour System is down and will not have access to any magical functions.

What happens when my character is injured?

It is possible to cut through the film and wireframe the same way skin and bones can be cut through. Instead of blood, collar fluid will leak out. Scars are represented by thicker portions of nanofilm, and the wireframe and nanofilm seems capable of repairing itself over time as long as the damage isn't too great.