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Monthly Tower Report 018

Network: 1-10 Active, no problems
11-17 Active, posts and comments appear and disappear at random
18-24 Active, keyboard and everything not specifically written in a certain language written in an unknown, incomprehensible language
25-30 Active, no problems
Tower: 1-17 Active, no problems
18-24 Active, standard working units speak in an unknown, incomprehensible language
25-30 Active, no problems

November Weather Report (all temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit)
1-3: overcast; high of 60, low of 50
4-10: sunny; high of 60, low of 50
11-17: partly cloudy; high of 55, low of 40
18-24: rain; high of 40, low of 35
25-30: occasional snow; high of 35, low of 30

Collar Checkup Dates
Characters will be expected to show up at the infirmary at some point on their assigned day.
Orange: 5th, 19th
Yellow: 6th, 20th
Green: 7th, 21st
Blue: 8th, 22nd
Indigo: 9th, 23rd
Violet: 10th, 24th

Cafeteria Menu Options
If characters choose to make their own meals, they will only find that the cafeteria has ingredients for these types of meals. All new characters will be provided with and must eat plain oatmeal as their first meal, regardless of time of day or cafeteria menu. Failure to do so will result in vomiting up any food until oatmeal is consumed.

Meals: Croissants, Hard Boiled Eggs, bread rolls, Beans, Yogurts, English muffin, Hash Browns, Steamed Rice, Natto, Tamagoyaki Fruits: Apples & Pears
Beverages: Cranberry Juice, Plum Juice, Milk

Meals: Roasted pork, Beans, White rice, Guacamole, Sweet Potatoes, Carrot Purée, Squash Soup, Curry, Onion soup, Mesclun and fine herb salad (No dressing)
Beverages: Milk, tea, coffee

Meals: (NOTE: All food is dyed orange for no apparent reason. The dye is harmless.) Salmon, Giant Oversized Turkey Legs, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Jam (the type that looks like it came from a can), Bread Rolls, Bagettes, Prosciutto ham, Mustard & Ketchup mixed together to be orange (look, condiments!), Carrot and Sweet Potato Mash
Beverages: Milk, tea, coffee
Desserts: Pecan Pie, Sugar Pie

Restaurant Menu Options
Characters must pay for their meal with a randomly selected item from the Tower, as detailed on the settings page. New characters will be turned away until they eat oatmeal in the cafeteria.

Meals: Wheat & white breads, Bagels, Chocolate Croissants, Waffles & Pancakes, Maple syrup, Cream cheese. Poached eggs with wilted spinach, wild mushrooms, and duck confit, classic Hollandaise sauce, bacon, sausage, ham, Fruit: Peachs, pears, bananas, apples, Jams, Cretons
Beverages: Orange Juice, Milk, hot chocolate, tea, Coffee, Beer

Meals: Crab cake with lime sauce, Beef stew with vegetables, Traditional Turkey with preserved wild cranberries and olives, Lemon & Butter Sole Filet
Beverages: Milk, tea, Coffee, Beer, Soft Drinks

Meals: Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Sautéed Spinach, Sautéed Asparagus, Steak Cut French Fries Smoked Salmon Carpaccio , Maple Syrup drenched Blinis, Asian Beef Spring Rolls, Filet Mignon, Black Cod
Beverages: Milk, tea, Coffee, Beer, White and Red Wine, Apple Cider
Desserts: Fresh Berries Shortcake, Classic Crème Brûlée