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Monthly Tower Report FINAL

Network: Inactive
Tower: 1-2 Active, no power
3- Inactive
Glamour: 1-2 Active, frequent glitching
3- Inactive

June Weather Report (all temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit)
There is no weather this month. Outside there's only eerie blackness.

Collar Checkup Dates
There are no collar checkups this month.

Cafeteria Menu Options
If characters choose to make their own meals, they will only find that the cafeteria has ingredients for these types of meals.

There is no food in the cafeteria this month. There is water in the faucets.

Restaurant Menu Options
Characters must pay for their meal with a randomly selected item from the Tower, as detailed on the settings page. New characters will be turned away until they eat oatmeal in the cafeteria.

The restaurant is closed this month.