sageprincess: (Quiet meditations)
Zelda ([personal profile] sageprincess) wrote in [personal profile] animusmods 2014-04-19 07:48 pm (UTC)

Player name: Jamie
Character name: [OU] Zelda
Date visiting: April 18th
Request: Zelda will ask Aria if she thinks that, should they successfully restore the worlds, it would be possible to have someone go to a world they did not originate from. If asked for an explanation, she will say that Arturia ([personal profile] no_longer_a_king) would return to a position of cosmic slavery if she went back to her own world, so Zelda wants to bring her to Hyrule instead. If Aria does not know, she will ask if she could inquire about it to Zo, and will write a letter to him explaining the situation if necessary.

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