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There are, of course, many residents in the Tower attempting to fight against the administrators. The administrators can't watch all of them at once, of course, and not all information gets to them. But now they're doing something about it. They have begun brainwashing residents on occasion, sending them out to gather information and report it just before the brainwashing wears off. It's impossible to tell how many people are brainwashed at any one time--maybe no one is at all--and given the brainwashed residents act just like their normal selves, it's going to be tough to figure out who to trust at any given time.

There is a way, though--each victim of brainwashing has something that distinguishes them. Maybe they've forgotten something they should know. Maybe there's a scar that wasn't there before that shouldn't be there at all. There's always something... But can you discover it before they discover all of your secrets?

The Process
Characters will be selected at random from a list. This is opt-in; players have to volunteer their characters for the potential to be brainwashed before they can be selected. When it's your character's turn to be brainwashed, you will receive a PM with instructions; these will include any specific bits of information you're supposed to be looking for, if any, and your character's tell for this session of brainwashing. If your character is selected again, they may or may not have the same tell.

Characters will not be aware of when someone has been removed for brainwashing--it always seems to happen when no one notices. The brainwashed character will act completely normal, except for their tell. Someone who is very familiar with thought processes, either scientifically or via reading minds, may be able to identify them, but it would require they examine the difference on someone who's currently brainwashed before they could hope to do so.

We will attempt to give as many people as possible a turn at playing a brainwashed character; if you are selected, you will not be selected again until everyone available has had a turn. This goes by player and not by individual character, although you can sign up as many characters as you wish. You will not be selected while you are on hiatus or otherwise unavailable to play. Brainwashing will last up to two weeks, though the amount of time varies.

A character's tell may be major or minor. Generally a character will either be missing a memory or have a scar on their person with no explanation. Memories may be major or minor ones, ranging from forgetting the name of their best friend to forgetting what they did yesterday. They will not be aware they are missing a memory until it comes up, and may attempt to lie around this lack of knowledge. Scars are generally small and hidden in unusual places, like under hair or on skin typically covered by clothing. If one of these scars is cut open a microchip can be extracted, but it will crumble to dust upon extraction every time. Brainwashed characters are not aware of the location of their scars, but can attempt to fabricate a story to explain them once they're discovered.

If Your Character is Chosen
It is important that you do not tell anyone your character is brainwashed. Both ICly and OOCly it's to be kept secret while your character is gathering information. Once your character is no longer brainwashed, you may tell whoever you want, of course.

Usually characters will be brainwashed for general purposes, and will attempt to gather any information they think would be useful to the administrators. This typically means they would be searching for information on potential dangers, resistance forces, planned break-ins, meeting spots, etc. Occasionally characters will be brainwashed to hunt for specific information; this will always be detailed in the PM you receive.

Due to some sort of flaw in the brainwashing process, characters will not divulge information they had before being brainwashed. If your character was planning a break-in the day before they were brainwashed, they will not inform the administrators of this unless someone talks to them about it while they're searching for information.

The last thing your character will do before being returned to normal is file a report with the administrators. This report is given in-person and cannot be discovered by the other characters unless your character either chooses to divulge it or has their mind read. OOCly, you will reply to the reports thread below.

If you would like to sign up for this, please fill out the following form and reply to this post. Make sure you aren't replying to the reports subthread. Please place all characters you're signing up in one comment, and edit that comment if you're adding or removing characters. Sign ups are screened.