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Monthly Tower Report 023

Network: 1-30 Active, no problems
Tower: 1-14 Active, no problems
15-19 Active, no power
20-30 Active, no problems

April Weather Report (all temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit)
1-6: light showers; high of 60, low of 40
7-13: rain; high of 55, low of 45
14-20: heavy rain; high of 60, low of 50
21-27: light showers; high of 65, low of 50
28-30: overcast; high of 65, low of 60

Collar Checkup Dates
Characters will be expected to show up at the infirmary at some point on their assigned day.
Orange: 8th, 22nd
Yellow: 9th, 23rd
Green: 10th, 24th
Blue: 11th, 25th
Indigo: 12th, 26th
Violet: 13th, 27th

Cafeteria Menu Options
If characters choose to make their own meals, they will only find that the cafeteria has ingredients for these types of meals. All new characters will be provided with and must eat plain oatmeal as their first meal, regardless of time of day or cafeteria menu. Failure to do so will result in vomiting up any food until oatmeal is consumed.

Meals: nutrition bars
Beverages: water

Meals: nutrition bars
Beverages: water

Meals: nutrition bars
Beverages: water
Desserts: nutrition bar cakes

Restaurant Menu Options
Characters must pay for their meal with a randomly selected item from the Tower, as detailed on the settings page. New characters will be turned away until they eat oatmeal in the cafeteria.

The restaurant is closed this month.