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Character Death Repercussions (7+)

Character Death Repercussions

If your character has died seven times, you must make a thread for them here. This will be your death count thread. You're free to have your character die as much as you like within the Tower, but there will be different effects stacked on top of the hour of sleep paralysis (this will always happen no matter how many more deaths you get, but it will never rise above an hour). Upon making a thread for your character, reply to it informing us you're on your seventh death. We will reply back with the effects that will happen. Reply to your thread every time your character dies, as the effects will change bit by bit over time.

If your character has died fourteen times, you will continue posting to the thread as usual, but be aware they will begin suffering permanent side effects. These side effects will generally be related to the loss of memories. They will start out minor but will get more severe as deaths increase.

See the example for how to format your thread.
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[AU5] Saber | Fate/Stay Night

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Re: [AU5] Saber | Fate/Stay Night

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On July 15th, she is definitely going to die during the punishment.
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On August 9th, Arturia happened to be in the elevator as it was bombed.
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Re: [AU5] Saber | Fate/Stay Night

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On August 16th, Arturia will die for the ninth time due to the shadow children.
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In the wee hours of the morning of October 23rd Arturia would have died for the tenth time.